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The usage of portable buildings has changed and evolved a lot since commercial companies started building sheds years ago. Nowadays a backyard shed that used to be purchased only for storage space is now being sold to be converted into anything from a gallery custom shed to a home office to a man cave to even a – She Shed.

You read it right, She Shed?

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Until recent years, backyard sheds were generally considered the realm of the male. A shed in the backyard usually conjured up images of “masculine” scenes in the mind which involved a cluttered woodworking shed with layers of sawdust on the floor and on the man, who is leaning over his workbench. Or it could be a man and his pals hanging out in a rustic backyard shed turned into a man cave watching a football game with animal mounts eyeing them from the wall.

But tides are turning in the shed world and layers of shed bias are being strongly pulled back. Society has advanced to the point of realizing that sheds are not inherently male. Thus, the era of custom She Sheds has arrived.

What is a She Shed?

She Sheds are simply, backyard sheds that are finished out and used specifically for a woman’s personal space. This usage can be for anything ranging from a home office to a hobby shed, workout room, private lounge, or hosting space.

Why Is She Sheds Becoming So Popular?

While people have occasionally been using backyard sheds as She Sheds for many years, it was not until recent years that She Sheds have become a popular shed usage. This popularity is possibly due to a variety of societal influences but this one State Farm Commercial definitely has had a large role to play.

Whereas, the ease of information sharing and social media has definitely had a large impact on the popularity of custom she shed also. Creative shed ideas are very sharable and likable. Because of all of this, she sheds have become a very popular item on Pinterest and other social media platforms. The more they are shared, the more people’s imaginations are captured, and VOILA! Here’s how a trend is started. A quick search on Pinterest for “she sheds” shows how much this platform has helped the popularity of She Sheds.

How Are People Using Sheds as She Sheds?

It’s really inspiring to see how other people are using their sheds. Browsing through Pinterest or YouTube’s collection of She Shed content quickly highlights the wide variety of ways that ladies are using their she shed for a personal retreat or workspace. We’ll highlight just a few here.

Home Office

Eryn Logan bought a shed & did an absolutely stellar job of turning it into her own personal office and retreat area. What she did caught the attention of the local news station, KVUE News, and they did a tv feature on her she shed. 

Seaside Retreat Space

Danielle Driscoll did an incredible job of turning a prefab shed into a beautiful retreat space where she relaxes, writes, thinks, and dreams. She did an incredible job of finishing out the interior of this shed, using shiplap wall siding and beadboard for the ceiling. This shed has a very airy and relaxing feel to it. 

Simple Steps to getting a She Shed

Alright, so after seeing all these ideas of sheds maybe it is time to start thinking about your own a she shed. If so, here are our 7 simple steps to help direct the process.

  • Find A Local Shed Company

Ahem! Yup, we are a shed company in Ontario, Canada. Our advice is simply to stay local and find a hometown shed builder that you can trust. No matter where you are located, buying cheaper sheds from large companies might be easy on the short-term budget but is not advisable for a long-term investment.

  • Order a Custom Shed.

Do not just settle for an inventory shed if you want something specific for your shed. Think through the details and order a custom shed that has what you need it to have. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your shed be sure to order details for your shed that will make your space comfortable, like insulated windows and doors, reflective roof material, etc.

  • Run electricity, internet cables, and plumbing

After your shed is delivered, the first step will be to run any necessary wires and plumbing that will be needed in your shed.

  • Insulate and finish out the interior walls and ceiling

If you will be spending a lot of time in the shed you’ll likely want to plan to insulate the building well so it does not gather as much heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Your heater, A/C, and wallet will thank you in the long run. Once your walls and ceiling are insulated you can add on siding or ceiling boards as you desire.

  • Paint walls and ceiling

This is where it really starts to get fun. Choose your colors or stain varieties if you are staining wood and turn your walls and ceiling into a beautiful piece of art.

  • Add Flooring

After the painting is finished, it’s time to add your flooring to finish out the interior design.

  • Make it your own with furnishings

Of course, outside of using your shed after you are finished, this is the most fun stage of all. It is time to bring in your furnishings and personal touches with decoration. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy your custom she shed.

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