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Enhancing your Ethics score with Eden IAS Ethics Test Series

Scoring good in Ethics isn’t tough. All you need is a good grasp of the concepts and a lot of practice. Both of these things. Can be accomplished via tests. The more you test yourself, the better you will get. Along the same lines, Eden IAS brings to you the “Ethics Test Series for UPSC” by Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary, who is regarded as the best teacher of Ethics in Delhi, so far. This course comprises 11 tests wherein 7 tests will be sectional i.e sub-topic-based. The remaining 4 will be mock tests. 

The study material provided for Eden IAS’s Ethics Test Series

Under this Ethics Test Series program, study material curated by Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary will be provide to the enroll students that will include three comprehensively and intensively compile booklets that cover the entire syllabus of the GS-IV paper. These booklets are:

  • Theoretical Framework
  • 70 Thinkers & Thoughts
  • Ethics case studies UPSC

The best part is that these booklets are more than enough. One need not read the traditional Ethics study material such as Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude, Human Values – IGNOU material, Santosh Ajmera & Nanda Kishore Reddy’s Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude – 

A Short Introduction to Ethics by Dr. S.N. Singh or Arihant’s Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude. If one goes through these three booklets thoroughly, then you can ace ethics with grace.

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Emphasis on Ethics case studies 

Under this Ethics GS4 Test Series program, special emphasis is laid on tests comprising Ethics case studies since case studies have a weightage of 120 marks out of 250. The last booklist has over 100 case studies including startup case studies, deontological case studies, and business case studies. 

As per Mr. Roychowdhary, there are multiple approaches to case studies. But he recommends a specific approach call the “10-step generic approach”. 

In this approach, we do not write an introduction. Instead, we follow steps.

  • The first step is to highlight the facts outline in the question.
  • The second step is to identify. The people getting. Affected i.e. The stakeholders.
  • The third step is to identify their interests in the given situation.
  • The fourth step is to identify the situations wherein there is a clash of interests i.e conflict of interests.
  • The fifth step is to identify. The values. That are hidden behind. These interests.
  • The sixth step is to spot the situations of an ethical dilemma.
  • The seventh step is to list down the options. And when options are given, simply spot. The merits and demerits of the given options.
  • The eighth step is to give an ethical judgment.
  • The ninth step is to justify this judgment with moral philosophy or idea of thought.
  • The tenth step is to conclude the case study with a quote etc.

Test your Ethics knowledge with Eden IAS’s Ethics GS4 Test Series. Get enroll now!

Be it mortal interface or meta- ethics, be it consequentialism or sybarites, each one of these motifs is cover in the class via full discussion and comprehensive class notes. For a subject as specialize as Ethics, tests play a veritably important part in testing how much you’re suitable to grasp. Hence, sectional. Tests are taken. In this Ethics foundation guiding in the posterior classes followed by mock tests.
As per the recent trend, it has been spotted. That UPSC tends to repeat a question or two directly or laterally. And Eden IAS makes a positive donation in this veritably aspect by laying special emphasis on PYQs.

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