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The 11 most important roles in human resource management

Human resource management is an important department for any organization looking to recruit and retain the best employees. With the growing challenges of managing people in the workplace, having a compliance department has become a top priority for organizations. Gone are the days when HR managers hired and fired employees. Today, these roles have changed dramatically. The CHRP Course in Dubai is faced with tasks that no other department can effectively perform.

Some of these include:

  1. Posting job openings that precisely match the needs of the organization
  2. Selecting candidates based on established standards
  3. Scheduling interviews
  4. Interviewing potential candidates for top positions
  5. Finalizing the recruitment process
  6. Developing training programs for newly hired staff
  7. Ensuring diversity in the workplace
  8. Retain existing employees with various strategies
  9. Evaluate and promote employees in accordance with company policies
  10. Restructure departments to achieve the best results
  11. Ensure compliance with labor law

These are just some of the tasks involved in human resource management. If you are an HR manager in an organization and want to grow, obtaining an HR certification is a sure path to a higher position. Most organizations today boast of having one of the most diverse workforces.

Organizations that understand the importance of having a reliable workforce know that without an effective human resources department, employees cannot fulfill their potential. Employees are a company’s best asset, and it is the job of HR professionals to get results out of them in line with the organization’s policies.

Why get certified?

If you are a certified HR professional, your organization will have a competitive advantage over other companies in the same industry. As a certified HR professional, you will ensure that the best policies are in place to reduce motivation and turnover.

It is important that organizations comply with labor laws to avoid a bad reputation in the market. Certified human resources professionals help ensure that a company complies with all labor laws to ensure an energetic and motivated workforce.


I would like to conclude this article by saying that if you have the aptitude to work in the HR department of an organization, now is the time to find a job. After you have gained a few years of experience, it is important that you get certified so that you can be recognized as a leader in the field of human resource management. The competition is very high, so you need to get certified.

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