How Much Does Professional Printing For Graphics Cost

How Much Does Professional Printing For Graphics Cost

Graphics are an essential part of your exhibit that you design, however, they can also be one of the more expensive elements. However, there are methods to get amazing designs for your booth, with costs kept at the minimal. To achieve this, partner with an experienced exhibit design company with proven methods. Experience is essential in this business and companies that design exhibits know what kind of features work and which can be left out.

Below mentioned are some factors that affect the printing cost:

Artwork and Production

The way the artwork is created and then delivered can have a significant influence on the price. The most effective way to cut down on costs is to have an idea of what you’d like to achieve. Each minute graphic designers work on your project will cost you money and you should don’t give them vague instructions. Be prepared to provide an artist with dimensions as well as the colors and file formats you’d like. Also, allow your graphic designer sufficient time to finish the project generally about 4-6 weeks. So, you’ll have ample time to rectify mistakes.

Image Placement

Another aspect that affects the cost of your purchase is the placement of your image. What size will the design be? Does the design appear onto the top of the shirt or the reverse of the shirt or both? Images that are larger and show on both sides of the shirt require more ink and time to create, which can increase the cost of your purchase.

Orange County Printing And Graphics

Exhibit Size and Weight

A small and compact exhibit is more manageable than one that is bulky and difficult to maneuver. The dimensions and the weight of your display to the minimal amount is the best option for you because it is more convenient to transport, store as well as set up and remove. While these costs might appear to be minimal for just the duration of a single show but they can get more expensive as the years progress. Additionally, the flexibility of size and weight makes it simple to reuse materials for business events, corporate gatherings, and much more.


All Graphic media are not the same and each has its own advantages and disadvantages in addition to the various price points. Thus, material selection and use are key cost drivers and are the most important areas you can cut expenses.

Analyze material costs. “Always ask your graphic supplier to price out multiple material options,” Friedland states. All in all, the substances that have been deemed common can be found easily and already in the facility for graphic production will be cheaper than alternatives that aren’t traditional.


The majority of  Orange County Printing And Graphics firms provide free shipping. However, the catch is that they’ll typically add that cost to the price of the shirt.

Although it could be appealing to choose the shipping option that is free but it is more beneficial than paying shipping if the price is lower. You should consider the various options prior to making any choices.

Why Use Professional Printing for Graphics

Graphics hold a great importance such as:

Brand Identity

A carefully planned graphics design plan is crucial for any business to establish its brand image and stay visually consistent throughout marketing campaigns. The technique of design can aid in improving the brand reputation and image of a business.

There are many different graphic style that is presented in front of you going to be something that you enjoy. A good design is likely to be apparent when you first see it, so don’t be scared to go with your intuition whenever you see something that you like.

Consistency in Branding

What is the primary goal of graphic design? If we were to reduce it to a single objective, then we’d declare that it’s all about branding.

Consistency in branding can help build an enduring, positive reputation for your brand that resonates with your clients. Any content, printed or digital, should have the same look and feel. The aim of uniform branding is for your people to be able to recognize your company by simply looking at your colors. This kind of branding awareness can help establish confidence among your customers and will be able to recommend your business to their friends and relatives. It is among the most reliable and oldest forms of advertising. However, it is important to establish trust with constant branding. That’ is the reason graphic designs are crucial in getting your message across the board.

The Language Design

Logos are the visual representation of your brand that is associated with your business’s name, its services and ethical standards. While it is the basis of branding, it’s only one aspect of the entire package. Each design which visually represents the company will help reinforce what your company is about. This includes the typefaces that you choose to use on your documents and your website, your employee uniform, the packaging of your products or even your vehicle’s sign writing.

Professional designers take all this into consideration, along with other factors that influence the design like business, product or service , and customers’ demographics. Create a design idea that is applicable to every aspect of business. For some companies it may seem as a significant investment of money and time, but the fact that you have a branding bible that is in place from the beginning will pay dividends over the long term.


You’d like your business to create a positive first impression on customers as well as vendors and other people like a logo. A logo, for instance, has only seconds to make the first impression. If your logo looks unprofessional, it could reflect poorly on your business and it is difficult to change the perception that your company isn’t financially able to invest in an expert design.

Increase Your Sales

A well-designed graphic can help businesses gain visibility that will result in increased sales. Effective visuals, attractive images, effective communicating ideas, better visibility , and a higher level of credibility drive visitors towards your brand. The increased traffic will lead to more opportunities.


 Orange County Printing And Graphic’s utility goes beyond the logo you use on your website. Graphic design can provide visual aids that assist you in communicating your thoughts. A clear image can convey concepts that cannot be communicated through words by themselves. It is possible to use professionally designed images to make an impression that is positive and prevent confusion.

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