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How Should I Prepare For The Ethics GS4 Part Of The UPSC?

Is Finding Ethics difficult? Struggling with case studies? Worrying about how to get good marks in GS-IV? Fear not, Eden IAS is there to help you out. Ethics GS4 is a scoring subject when studied properly. With a lack of understanding and not a good strategy, Ethics becomes an Achilles heel for many aspirants. So, at the eleventh hour, students often land. In such a hapless state, that they don’t understand. How to go about it. And are often stuck. Eden IAS has rolled out an Ethics foundation coaching with the name “Ethics GS4 Foundation” course. 

All you need to know about Ethics

General Studies-IV (GS-IV), also known as Ethics Integrity and Aptitude was introduce by UPSC in 2013. Since then, the complexity of this paper has been increasing manifolds. If you lose the momentum, everything is finishes. So, in order to score well, one needs to dominate the complexity of the paper. Hence, an immense focus is laid on Ethics while preparing for Mains. 

But thanks to the dynamic nature of the subject, it is becoming difficult year by year to score well in Ethics. This leads to the arising of the need for some guidance. 

As a result, expert guidance is required in this particular paper. And so Eden IAS with brilliant faculty like Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary is extending a helping hand in the form of Ethics foundation coaching.

Ethics foundation coaching in Delhi

Spanning over 40 lectures, this is a wonderful Ethics foundation coaching in Delhi extended by Eden IAS. Under this course, students are taught each and every sub-topic mention in the UPSC CSE Syllabus for General Studies-IV (GS-IV) i.e ethics, integrity, and aptitude.

It is taught by Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary who is one of the most brilliant faculty members at Eden IAS. Sir takes Ethics foundation coaching in an easy-to-grasp and interesting manner. Students are required to take notes during the class which is supplemented with 4 booklets later. These booklets are more than enough for the exam since they have been intensively and comprehensively compile by Roy sir. These booklets include – Theoretical Framework, Glossary of Ethics, 70 Thinkers and Thoughts, and Ethics workbook on case studies.

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Be it human interface or meta-ethics, be it consequentialism or Hedonism, each one of these topics is cover in the class via full discussion and comprehensive class notes.

For a subject as technical as Ethics, tests play a very important role in testing how much you are able to grasp. Hence, sectional tests are taken in this Ethics foundation coaching in Delhi in the subsequent classes follow by mock tests. 

As per the recent trend. It has been spotted that. UPSC tends to repeat a question or two directly or indirectly. And Eden IAS makes a positive contribution in this very aspect by laying special emphasis on PYQs. 

On a whole, this course covers each and every aspect of Ethics Integrity and Aptitude increasing the confidence as well as the ability to perform well in the Mains examination. Henceforth, there is no iota of doubt that Ethics is made “easy” with this Ethics foundation coaching in Delhi. Hurry up and grab a seat at Eden IAS!

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