printer issue in Windows 10

How to fix another computer using the printer issue on Windows?

There are many people who have problems with their printer issue on Windows 10 when looking to print something and encounter a prompt from another computer that has a printer. If you’re experiencing similar issues, do not worry, there are solutions available to resolve the issue. This is mostly due to outdated printer drivers on your PC as well as when the print puller program is not functioning on your system. It’s possible to think that somebody at home or in the office uses the printer. You might even look around to see whether someone is using the printer, however the error message that says printer states that that a different computer is printing is not related to having to do with another computer. It happens even when there is only one computer that is connected to your printer. Otherwise you can also look at printer repair near me.

Common Methods to Fix the issue with printers for Windows!

There are a few steps you can take to fix your issue with an additional computer using the Canon printer.

The first step is to turn off power and turn on the printer. Start with a straightforward fix that involves switching off the printer, pressing the power button , waiting for 60 seconds , then pressing the power button . This will turn on the printer. If this solution succeeds, you’ll first notice the printer go through its warm-up process. After some time whatever you’re printing will print.

Starting the printer spooler process could solve printing issues. You just must follow a few steps such as

  • Click on the Start button, then click on the run button. Then in the command prompt window, type services.MSC and then click OK.
  • Then on the screen services scroll down until you can dry click on the prints puller, and then click stop. Then on the other right click, this time on the print puller this time , click on restart. Once you have restarted, see whether you’re able to Print.

Another computer is using the printer Canon MX920

Make the printer the default printer. If you set your printer to use a Canon printer. It is likely that you have two Canon printers connected to your computer . If the error appears that another system has the Canon printer MX920 then follow the steps below to set a regular Canon printer as the standard printer for your PC.



  • To begin you must open settings and then click on devices. Then on the device screen, select the scanner and printer on the left side, and on the right side, click on your printer, and then choose the open queue.
  • On the next screen , click on the printer that you want to use as your default choice in the drop-down menu. Now you can print with no that another printer is printing with this printer prompt.
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Power flushing printer and computerIt is a straightforward solution to solve printing issues to completely switch off power supply to computer printer . A modern powering up of a restarting of the printer and computer can assist in the removal of stuck processes. Also visit printer repair tecnician dubai.

  • First, turn off your printer or computer. disconnect both the printer and computer from the power source.
  • Then after 5 minutes, connect the printer and computer back to the power source and reboot them. Now, check whether you can print without any error message

Utilize troubleshooting first you must open the settings, then choose update as well as security. After that on the following screen, click on troubleshoot. In the left pane. In the right pane, click on find and fix the printing issue.

  • After that, click the trouble-shooter option after which follow the instructions displayed on the screen. troubleshooter attempts to locate and resolve printing issues on your PC.
  1. Update the driver for your printerClick to the button that says “Start”, then select the device manager app. Did you right click on the printer you want to update and click update drivers.
  • Then on the next screen then click the search automatically for the latest driver software. Then, allow Windows to look for the new driver to install on your PC.

But, these are the steps needed to fix the issue. Another computer has been using the Canon printer. The steps are perfectly suitable and simple. Follow the steps to learn more on the subject.

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