How to Host a Collage Dorm Party

When planning a party at your college, remember to consider your guest list. Invite your classmates, roommates, and even your dorm neighbor and resident advisor! Depending on your party theme, you can have both guys and girls. You can also decide whether to throw a big, loud party or one that’s quiet and relaxing. A resident advisor can inform your neighbors and prevent noise complaints. In case your party is in the middle of the night, consider having it in the morning.

Table games

Video games are a great way to keep the party going. While not everyone can play at once, they’re fun to watch and take turns on. Make sure you have plenty of controllers, though, so that you can all play at the same time. If your group is smaller, a game like Cards Against Humanity is a fun option. It’s like a super-naughty version of Apples to Apples.

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Another classic game is the “would you rather” game. This classic drinking game can be played both indoors and outdoors. It’s simple to play but requires a bit of planning. The only real challenge is finding the right places to set up the games. If you’re hosting a college dorm party, consider making one or two of these games mandatory for the night. Organize some snacks to keep the party going well into the wee hours.

Another good game to play at a college dorm party is Don’t Get Got! You can get a few extra rounds out of this game by setting up a few games on the table. Each game involves trying to trick one person. You can even use a portable game board for the occasion. It’s an enjoyable way to get everyone involved in the festivities. You can make it more memorable by adding some fun table games.

Those who enjoy pop culture can play this game at a dorm party. Players take turns naming a famous celebrity and then must name another celebrity related to the first. For example, Marilyn Monroe’s ex-husband was James Dean. Continuing in this way, until everyone has a chance to name a celebrity, the game can provide hours of fun discussion. This game is especially fun if you’re hosting a party for a college-age child.

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Beer pong

If you’re throwing a college dorm party, why not try Beer pong? This drinking game is fun to play and easy to set up. Just make sure to store fragile items properly, since broken glasses and other decorations are really annoying! You can even play it at a dorm party as a way to meet new people. Here’s how to set it up and play it. Below are some tips to get the party started:

Get a table and beer pong balls. Then get your friends to play! You’ll need a collapsible table and ten cups of beer. Arrange them into triangles. Each player’s goal is to land the ping pong ball into the drink of the opposing team, so they have to drink the other person’s drink. You can also get a ping pong set.

If you’re having a party at a college dorm, beer pong is a fun game to play with your friends. Make sure to buy a lot of beer for everyone! One of the best parts of beer pong is the boozy fun it brings to the party! Once you’ve got the beer pong game down, you’ll be ready to start the drinking festivities!

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Truth or dare

Playing Truth or Dare at a college dorm party can be an excellent way to meet new people. It is an engaging game that lets everyone share juicy information about themselves. Participants can answer questions about their favorite movie, worst habit, or other topics. Truth or Dare can also be played with children, co-workers, and even strangers. For a fun way to bond with your new friends, consider a version of the game.

There are some rules that you need to follow when planning a truth or dare party. Don’t play it too loud! You may want to keep the number of players to eight or ten people. If you plan to invite other students, move the tablecloth and furniture out of the way. Remember to be courteous of your roommates, especially if they are neighbors. Don’t forget to prepare creative ways to fool the RA and other partygoers.

Grilled cheese sandwiches

If you’re hosting a dorm party, consider grilling cheese sandwiches for your guests. The classic sandwich will impress your guests and keep them grazing for days. There are a number of ways to jazz it up, from adding herbs or sliced fruit to using bread and butter relishes. To add additional flavor, you can also serve vegetables or fresh greens. And you can even add cured meats and oil-packed tuna.

The first option is grilled cheese sandwiches. While it sounds like a complicated process, the sandwiches take just three minutes to make. Plus, they’re a bit easier to make than a traditional tortilla. You can even serve them to the entire floor. A junior studying human development at the University of Illinois, Catie has experience in the culinary arts field and works at a campus baby temperament lab. You can follow her on Twitter to get up to date on her latest recipe!

When throwing a grilled cheese college dorm party, you can also consider using a clothes iron to make them. Just make sure to use the highest setting on the iron, and place the sandwich on a flat surface. Press down the iron on the sandwich, and allow it to cool before unwrapping it. This will create a crackling sound and cool iron patterns. Moreover, you can also make grilled cheese sandwiches with melted cheese.

To make grilled cheese at a college dorm party, all you need are five basic pantry ingredients and an iron. You’ll need a thick dishcloth to serve as an ironing board. Meanwhile, prepare caramelized onions and grated cheese, so that it melts evenly. Also, don’t forget to set aside the cheese after grating. It’s the easiest way to serve grilled cheese at a dorm party.

Bean dip

A college dorm party can be a fun place to serve cheap finger foods. A classic recipe for bean dip is a seven-layer bean dip. You can adjust the ingredients to your liking and serve the dip with tortilla chips or cocktail wieners. Other finger foods that are great for a dorm party include quesadillas. These can be baked or filled with delicious fillings.

A cheesy, creamy dip that’s perfect for college students is the perfect finger food for a dorm party. To make this easy dip, you’ll need 6 ingredients and about 10 minutes. For a college dorm party, it’s also a great idea to prepare a large batch and serve the dip to your guests. Make sure to leave enough for leftovers. Bean dip is a delicious appetizer that’s easy to make and won’t cost you a lot of money.

Another good idea for a college dorm party is a board game. Board games never go out of style, so they’re perfect for college parties. In addition, you can use board games to create a memorable party for all. If you’re looking for something unique for a college dorm party, you can even consider a theme such as a Hogwarts-themed party. It’s easy to find a game for this party, including hot buttered rum and a spellbook.

The most important thing to remember when hosting a college dorm party is to plan for the number of people. You’ll need to consider how many guests you can fit in the dorm room, and whether to invite only the girls or boys. Make sure you’ve established a good relationship with your RA if you plan to invite both boys and girls. The RA of the dorm will probably approve of the party if it’s planned well.


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