Certificate IV in IT

Interact with non-natives of the same generation

Please tell us about the outlook for English education and Certificate IV in IT as a Keio Futsubu School in the future. Travel to and from overseas was stagnant due to the Korona-ka, but I hope to resume it later this year. In the regular club, there are exchanges between Finnish and Australian schools, but it is important to have the experience of jumping into an environment where you have to speak in English. By putting yourself in a place where you use English and Certificate IV in IT, you can experience the experience of wanting to speak more but not being able to speak, the desire to know more about the other person, and the motivation and motivation to learn English from such a place. I feel that it is the English language.

The ability is overwhelmingly different

Another thing that teenagers need is the experience of communicating with each other in non-native English. There are native teachers at school, but it is communication in the English area of ​​the class. In addition, it is undeniable that the ability is overwhelmingly different from that of a child whose mother tongue is English, and even if you want to communicate with a native Englishman, it may be difficult for you to understand or understand the pronunciation of the other person. It’s likely to be a bottleneck.

In that sense, I think that cross-cultural communication with the same generation who is studying English as non-native as ourselves is very meaningful. I think it will be a good experience for children of the same generation who learn English together to interact with each other while using that English.

Keio’s integrated education is said to be an escalator

Graduate, become a college student and become a member of society. What kind of person do you want the students who will fly in the future to become as human resources who will lead the society in the future? Keio’s integrated education in certificate 4 in information technology and said to be an escalator type, but it’s more like being placed on an escalator in the opposite direction rather than automatically raising it when you get on it.

I feel that I can run as hard as I can and finally stay in the same position, and. I have to run up more to climb up.  Many reports and challenges are not straightforward for students. As for English, there may be issues that will never end even if you do it. The same can be said for English and for learning a language. If you don’t brush up within yourself, the world you can see will not expand. You will not be able to catch up with your understanding.

That you can do it in the world

I want you to know that there is a world that extends beyond the past beyond that.  In the future, it will be questioned whether or not negative. Things can be converted into positive things in various ways. I would like you to gain the experience of taking on challenges that have no correct answer. And overcoming them in three years so that you can do it in the world.

Because you do not know what will happen even if you look at the current social situation. You are require to make the best choice while thinking about various things. Rather than just riding on an escalator and moving forward, it seems. That the education of the ordinary club is to steadily develop the power gained there while struggling.

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