Irestore vs Capillus – Which One is Better and Why

The loss of hair can be a difficult subject and there appear to be a lot of products aimed at this issue. Systems for helmets that encourage regrowth are now a common solution and we’ll highlight two companies that manufacture these products Irestore and Capillus. Irestore and Capillus.

They can assist you with the problem of losing hair in a more sophisticated and efficient method. Don’t be tempted by shampoos, creams, and pills that can take so long to begin working. Decide to buy the one you need.

Breaking it down

Since we’re trying to create a real Irestore and Capillus contest, we’ll utilize a point system that will determine which one is the winner. We’ll be discussing features, and the performance of each product in the particular category, and then give points to the person who won the feature. Then we’ll choose an overall winner based on the points from the features merged.

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1. The durability of the device

The effectiveness of a device such as this can be determined by the number of diodes. However, it is also in the recommended exposure. It is important to check these numbers to determine how much light therapy gets. This is the most crucial information on products such as these. Let’s look at the iRestore vs Capillus contest on this.


The iRestore cap is equipped with 272 laser diodes. That is a remarkable number. Few gadgets within this class come with this many diodes, particularly those that are not professional” models. It is required to spend 25 minutes every day that’s more than what the average product recommends. We’ll give this one 5/5 due to the number of diodes.


The Capillus only has 82 diodes. The cap can be worn directly on the head and is wearable causally. It’s also time-saving since it needs to be worn for only six minutes every day. This is why we’re rating it 4/5.

2. How quickly do you notice the outcomes

In reality, we need to see the results quickly and experience the fresh appearance we’ve been talking about. Let’s take a look at what the two brands have in common. What time do you get to get the first results, and when will you be able to see the actual results – what do we discover?


The company claims that anytime from 3 to 6 months, you will see hair growing more full. It’s a fairly quick rate of change that is sure to make the customer content. We’ll give 4/5 as a result we


The initial three months won’t reveal much, but the subsequent three months will reveal an improvement in the loss of hair. As time passes and you’ll be able to see a significant physical outcome. The most effective ones will be visible after two years of usage.

The winner: iRestore is surely the winner. Another point for iRestore. They have a lead of 2:0 iRestore against Capillus.

3. Quality of production

It is crucial to determine whether the product you’re purchasing is to the same standard as the photo. Sometimes, the appeal online of a product doesn’t always match the actual product. Let’s look at what iRestore and Capillus compare when measured by user reviews.


iRestore appears to carry exactly the same product as shown in their product images as well as on the shelves. There have been very few complaints about the quality of the product, so we’ve decided to give the product 5/5.


Capillus has an amazing relationship with its customers and offers a variety of settlements in the event that something goes wrong. We’re going to award them 5/5.

Winner: There’s an even tie, and we’re not going to give the award to anyone, because both of them are winners.

4. Other products needed?

There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a product only to find out that you need to utilize it with $100 worth of other items from the same manufacturer? It’s quite a pity. Let’s find out what the two are up against, and do they have any hidden messages.


There is no need for additional products that are compatible with this method! If you choose to use them, you’ll notice that they offer more benefits using the treatment. In any case, you can make sure you save your money for other things. We’re giving it a 5-star rating.


The manufacturer states that you don’t need to purchase anything, but it is recommended if you want more rapid results. We can appreciate that, however, we’ve observed that the additional products are also expensive, therefore we’re giving them a 3/5 for this reason.

The winner: iRestore has been named the category winner too this means it is leading by 3 points!


Final Recount

The iRestore cap was able to win 3 of four sections, and the fourth section was tied.

Capillus took 0 points out of four sections, however, the fourth was an even tie.

Final Verdict – Irestore vs Capillus

It is evident that iRestore prevailed over the tiny variations. There’s not much of a difference, but the price isn’t as good. It is important to be aware of these little aspects and decide if you’d prefer to go for a bigger purchase or not.

If you’re not sure what you should expect from the war between iRestore vs Capillus be sure to look over other professional reviews and also reviews from users.

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