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After an extended workday at the end of the day, all you want to do is to go home and put your anxieties behind. However, many of us have a pattern of bringing work home to our homes or, at the very minimum letting our stress and strains follow our lives.


Although it’s hard to get away completely from the stress of the world, even when you’re at home, there’s an easy solution. A scent that is right for you can create an ambiance that is tranquil, making your house into a space in which you can relax and unwind. One of the top scents to create this kind of atmosphere is the well-known lavender.


Let’s take a look at the advantages of lavender, as well as the most fragrant lavender candles that will create peace and tranquility.


Lavender’s Calming Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is among the most loved floral scents that originate from flowers belonging to the Genus Lavandula. They are known for their gorgeous lavender flowers and sweet-smelling fragrance the lavender plant is widely grown for its use in skincare, perfumery, and for topical aromatherapy.


The essential oil extracted from the lavender flower has numerous benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antiseptic, and sedative properties. Due to this, lavender is often utilized in aromatherapy due to its soothing properties.


Lavender is known to have an anti-anxiety effect. Some studies suggest that it can help with insomnia. It is used extensively in aromatherapy blends that aid in relaxation as well as stress reduction.


Try These Four Lavender Scents

Explore these lavender scented candles:

Lavender Flower

Based on essential lavender oils, this mellow scent is accentuated by the pleasant scent of citrus and mint. The essence of this scent is a blend of floral violet and rosemary petals, with a touch of vanilla sweet. There is also the scent of amber and petitgrain.


This fragrance is part of the complete collection. It can be paired with other pure scents from the collection, such as Orange Blossom, Rose de Mai as well as Forest Oakmoss.


Chamomile Lavender

One of the most popular fragrances from LAFCO The scent blends natural tones of chamomile lavender and sage. Initially, you’ll be greeted by the soothing scent of chamomile that is accompanied by fresh Bergamot. The scents will fade to an aroma of eucalyptus and lavender, before shifting to a background of honey flower, rosemary along with Indonesian patchouli.


The candle comes in Classic 6.5-ounce or Signature 15.5-ounce dimensions and is presented in a deep purple art glass container. Also, you can enjoy Chamomile Lavender in both Classic and Signature diffusers made of reed and hand cream, room mist soap bar, and liquid soap.


Lavender Amber

Relieve yourself into a state of calm with the smooth and soothing scent. Top notes of herbal spike lavender give way to the warm center of musk and rosemary before ending with a lasting impression of vanilla and amber. This scent is ideal for the office or in the living room to create a relaxing atmosphere where you can be relaxed and focus on the things that matter.


The fragrance is available in the Classic 6.5-ounce as well as the Signature 15.5-ounce sizes.


Spike Lavender

Geranium rose and spike lavender forms an elegant bouquet of floral scents, accentuated by the scent of catmint, a herbaceous note, and a touch of vanilla warmth. Clove bud, bergamot, and eucalyptus give a clean initial impression before shifting into the floral heart, and then disappearing into subtle undertones of white woods vanilla, and patchouli.


It is a floral scent. lavender is a great match with citrus scents such as lemon and bergamot, as well as other floral scents that are lighter such as roses and Geranium.

Choosing  The Best Kind Of Candle:

There are too many kinds of candles to pick from the website, don’t you think?


Here’s a step-by-step guide to aid you in narrowing down your selection.


1. Scent?

As we are an agricultural farm that grows lavender our only scent can smell to offer is “Lavender”.

What is the scent of lavender like?


Lavender’s scent is captivating, strong, and strongly botanical. Underlying the floral sweetness are herbaceous and woody notes that have spice and balsamic notes.


2. What is the difference between Essential Oil and Essential Oil or Premium Fragrance Scented?

Each candle comes with two scent varieties Hot and cold throw. However, our farm utilizes the highest quality coconut wax and soy-coconut wax to produce more effective heat throws for the essential oil-scented candle.


If you like a strong hot throw, consider one of our Premium Lavender scent Soy Candle. As we’re a farm that grows lavender and produces award-winning lavender essential oils, we pick a high-end fragrance that is close to the scent of lavender essential oils.


3. Soy, Coconut-Soy, or Coconut-Soy, Coconut-Soy, or Wax candle?

All the waxes we select are natural and derived from plants. They are clean-burning and GMO-free, without paraffin or unnatural additives.


Paraffin waxes are still able to provide a superior scent throw over other waxes however, our farm doesn’t make use of paraffin waxes due to their harmful nature. After conducting numerous tests, the candle-based waxes we utilized work with the essential oils of lavender and our preferred fragrance oil.


Thus, the selection to use soy candles or any other type is about your personal preferences.


4. Price Difference Between Candles

There is a subtle distinction between the essential oil candles we sell and the premium fragrance candles. Essential oils originate from plants and are more expensive than fragrances because of their high production rate.


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