Low Level Laser Therapy Los Angeles

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a secure well-proven, effective, and proven method to stimulate the growth of new hair for adults suffering from androgenic alopecia (hair reduction).

This non-invasive method for hair restoration utilizes the technology of medical-grade lasers to rejuvenate hair follicles as well as encourage the natural growth of hair. An internationally acclaimed hair restoration specializes Clinic Hair Transplant Los Angeles is delighted to offer laser hair restoration for Los Angeles residents who suffer from thinning, shedding, or hair loss. This innovative, non-surgical hair treatment is perfect for:

  • Adults who aren’t eligible for surgical hair restoration (transplant)
  • Women who notice thinness hair, rapid shed, or a broader part when making a fashion.
  • Young adults and teens who are looking to preventively address minor pattern baldness.
  • Any person who is not willing to take prescription medication or topical creams to treat hair loss.

Low-Level Laser Therapy A Proved Science

Since the 1960s LLLT is linked with hair growth through more than 53 studies conducted across the globe. Over the last 50 years, LLLT has helped physicians to treat arthritis sufferers’ chronic muscle and joint discomforts, autoimmune diseases as well as a myriad of skin (skin) diseases. Presently, LLLT is helping men and women around the globe reverse the effects of loss of hair.

“I would recommend that to all patients …” from Hair Transplant Los Angeles

In our clinic, we are pleased to present a new product for hair restoration using lasers to Los Angeles residents. Who are sure to enjoy it. The cap is designed for both women and men. Who lead active and busy lives The CapillusA(r) Laser Therapy Cap is a sleek and portable option. That permits patients to treat hair loss anytime, anyplace.

Hair restoration surgeons and researchers are of the same opinion. LLLT products such as those that use the CapillusA(r) Laser cap can stimulate the circulation of blood, cell metabolism, and phototherapy inside the hair’s follicle. If only used once or twice per week. These laser treatments can promote the growth of thick, natural hair growth and beauty.

Patients of all stages of loss could benefit from the Capillus laser cap. I have recommended it to patients experiencing rapid hair loss or have thinning hair[aEUR|] after hair growth, and I suggest it for maintaining the natural hair.

Laser Hair Growth through Capillus272(r)

The physician-recommended Capillus272A(r) is one of the safest and most effective hair loss lasers available. The Capillus272A(r) is one of the most effective hairs loss laser Los Angeles patients love laser hair restoration using the CapillusA(r) and itaEUR(TM)s is easy to see the reason. Below are some of the main reasons why our customers opt to use the Capillus272A(r) in preference to other caps for lasers and hair restoration products.

It is simple to use. Capillus272A(r) fits under the cap on your favorite cap, which allows for easy hair loss treatment anytime and anywhere. Capillus272A is powered by batteries, meaning you can take advantage of treatment when you are at home, at work or driving, golfing on the beach, or even on a trip.

It is proven secure. Capillus272A(r) has FDA approval for the purpose of promoting hair growth in people suffering from androgenic alopecia (hair loss). So patients are able to enjoy a treatment with no concern regarding safety, health or negative side effects.

Effective in the growth of hair growth. Made with 272 low-level lasers, Capillus272A(r) has more diodes than other caps made of lasers. In a study that was conducted prior to marketing with FDA, FDA, CapillusA(r) demonstrated 51% more hair count in comparison to a placebo device.

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Hair Transplant Los Angeles is committed to giving every patient the best possible treatment. We have a patient educator who teaches every patient the latest techniques and solutions to treat hair loss. For more information on low-level laser therapy (LLLT) using Capillus272A(r) personal-use laser cap Capillus272A(r), call us at 213-403-0455.

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