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Lowes Tool Boxes – More Than Just Lowes Tool Boxes

If you’re looking for a new toolbox, you’ve probably heard of Lowes tool boxes. However, they’re not the only company selling tool boxes. Many other companies produce these boxes, including Snap on, Kobalt, and Stanley. These companies have a wide variety of tools and offer various price points.


Kobalt’s CaseStack modular tool box system is coming to Lowe’s. The company has created product pages for three sizes of these boxes. In their description, they describe them as “part of the Kobalt modular storage box system,” and they indicate that many more CaseStack models are coming soon. These tool boxes come with metal wire latches, side latches for locking multiple boxes together, and IP65-rated protection against dust and water.

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The Kobalt 42-inch combination tool box is designed to store all your tools and supplies in an organized fashion. It is made of durable steel and features a tough blue powder coat finish. The tool box features twelve drawers that can hold up to 100 pounds each. It has ball bearing drawer slides and liners for extra durability. The box also comes with Kwikset Smartkey locks for security. You can even customize the lock so it works with your home keys.


If you need a tool box that is sturdy yet compact, the Structural Foam Toolbox from Stanley is a great option. This box features a folding handle, metal latches, and two trays for organizing small parts. This model is available in two different sizes and is ideal for storing small parts and tools.

If you need a tool chest that holds a lot of tools, Lowes offers a variety of different styles. These tool chests are great for professional and home use. You can also find rolling tool chests, chest combos, and cabinets for your tools. Whether you need a tool chest for your tools or a compact one for your home, Lowes has the perfect tool chest for you.

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Snap on

Snap on Lowes tool boxes are an affordable and sturdy option for storing and organizing your tools. This line of tool boxes is also known for their retro style. These tools storage boxes are ideal for professional use, but are also great for basic use. Lowes has a wide selection of tool chests and rolling tool boxes, so you can easily find the right tool for the job.

Aside from tool boxes, Lowe’s also sells rolling tool carts and tool chest combos. These are available in a wide variety of materials, including plastic, steel, and aluminum. In addition, they offer different features such as telescopic handles, which make them perfect for carrying heavy tools.

Another lowes tool box is the Better Built. This tool box is made with diamond plate aluminum, which is a lightweight metal. However, if it gets dented, it can easily break. Therefore, you should take care to handle it carefully. Some people have complained of receiving their boxes dented, so be sure to watch out for this. While this product line is sturdy, be aware that it won’t be as durable as the Snap on or DECKED tool boxes.


Lowe’s offers a wide variety of tool boxes, from portable tool carts to rolling tool cabinets. These can be found in different materials, such as aluminum and steel. They also feature telescopic handles to make carrying heavy loads easier. Whether you need a tool box for your garage, workshop, or workroom, Lowe’s has something for every need.

Lowe’s tool boxes are designed to protect your tools and are reliable and durable. You can buy tool boxes of different sizes to suit your needs, and find a toolbox with lockable latches if you need extra security. Lowe’s also sells truck tool boxes to protect tools in a vehicle, so you can protect your equipment while traveling.

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In addition to tool boxes, Lowe’s carries large metal tool chests and cabinets. These can help you organize your tools in a neat and organized manner. The company also sells rolling tool chests and tool chest combos. The tool chests are especially helpful for tight spaces, as they can keep many tools in one place.


Lowes has a variety of truck tool boxes to meet any need. These boxes range from small, portable boxes to high-end, full-sized truck tool boxes. Truck tool boxes are a great way to keep all your tools organized and safe. Lowes offers many different brands and prices for their truck tool boxes.

The DECKED Tool Box is a versatile tool storage box with multiple compartments. It’s ideal for storing and organizing tools, and can be loaded in your pickup truck or van. The tailgate is adjustable so you can customize the tool storage space. The box also features two drawers for storing tools. The drawers open on small plastic wheels and can hold a variety of tools. These boxes are long enough to accommodate golf clubs and other favorite items, and they’re sturdy enough to protect your tools and keep them safe.

For added security, DECKED Tool Boxes come with a lockable latch to prevent theft. The lock is secure, and the tool box is very difficult to break into with a pry bar. It also has a tub-lid interface that minimizes the points where thieves can insert their pry bars.

Electric heaters

When you’re working in the cold, an electric heater can be a big help. These portable devices have a heavy steel housing and an IPX4 rating to protect them from splashing water. They also work great to keep your plants warm and prevent them from freezing. There are a few different types of electric heaters, so you can find one that’s right for your project.

Another great choice is an electric heater from DeWalt. The DR988 Jobsite Forced Air Electric Heater is suitable for heating construction sites. It delivers 13,652-BTU of heat on 1,650 watts over 115-volts. This unit also features a thermostat for adjustable heat levels, a 72-inch cord, and an automatic shut-off feature to prevent overheating.

Wheel wells

Tool boxes are a great way to store all of your tools in one place. They come in many different styles and materials, including plastic, metal, aluminum, and steel. There are also special features available, such as telescoping handles that can turn into hand trucks. These boxes can store and transport large, heavy tools.

Choosing the right toolbox is important, as you will need to decide where to mount it. Some tool boxes mount to the side, while others attach to the front. When choosing the mounting style, choose one that offers quick access and saves space. The material and finish of the tool box are also important, as you want to make sure it complements your truck’s look.

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