Ruby of the War Mage 5e

Ruby of the War Mage 5e


If you’re a war mage, you might want to try out a special weapon, the Ruby of the War Mage. These magical items are one-inch-diameter gems that attach to a melee weapon and act as the caster’s spell-casting focus. The ruby must be connected to the weapon for 10 minutes before it can be removed, and it can’t be removed by anyone else, even if you use an Antimagic Field. Once attuned to a weapon, it will fall off.Ruby of the war mage 5e

A War Mage Ruby can be placed on a scale, claw, horn, or armor, and can act as a focus for spell-casting. As a Common Wondrous item, it requires an attunement from the spellcaster to use. Unlike other magic items, the Ruby is a common item, so it is easy to find. It’s a valuable item that can help any war mage cast more effective spells.

The War Mage Ruby is a powerful Wondrous item. It’s an ideal weapon for a war mage, as it enables him or her to blend the power of magic with melee combat. It’s also a useful tool for characters that have a lot of items. It can be used by Rangers, Paladins, and the College of Valor Bards. You’ll also find that it’s an excellent tool for making potions.

If you’re planning to play a war mage, this is the best weapon for your character. This weapon can increase your attack and spell damage. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to mix melee combat with spell casting. The ruby of the war mage 5e product can be used by any character. It’s a rare item, so it’s worth a look.

The Ruby of the War Mage is a good weapon for a war mage. It can attach to a range of objects. It’s useful for those who want to make spells but lack the resources for a spell component pouch. It’s a common wondrous item for war mages, as it allows them to use their weapons for more than one spell. It’s also a great weapon for Paladins and rangers.

This spell is available only to war mages. It’s not recommended for other classes. This spell only works with the War Mage class. The Ruby of the war mage 5e is the best choice for players who are considering the Ruby of the war mage. It’s a magical item that helps the war mage in battle. If you’re thinking of playing a war mage, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a Wondrous item to have in your possession.

Using this item is not recommended for every class. It can be used by a ranged character who wants to be able to use a weapon. Its benefits depend on your race, as it can be beneficial to any race and class. The weapon is not magical, but it’s useful for other races, including Rangers and Paladins. In addition to its unique abilities, this gem can be attached to various kinds of weapons, like a sword, a hammer, a ring, and a bow.

The Ruby of the War Mage is a powerful item that can be used by a ranged character. Its unique properties are not applicable to all types of magic items, but it can benefit characters with large item inventories. Depending on the type of weapon, it might be useful for any class. Once attuned, it can replace spell components or an attuned slot. If you’re a caster who likes to customize his or her items, the Ruby is also good for a spell component pouch.

The Ruby of the War Mage can be used by a ranged character. It can also be used by a melee character. The Ruby of the DM can be attached to any scale, claw, or horn. This item can replace a spell component pouch and is a Common Wondrous item. Its use is limited to war-based characters. It doesn’t affect melee creatures.Ruby of the war mage 5e

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