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Space-saving washbasin

To save space in the bathroom, simply place the sink above the washing machine. True, this will require the presence of sanitary devices of a certain shape and the competent installation of a Plumbing Services Dubai siphon vertically behind the wall of the machine, but as a result, you will get a practical and multifunctional room.

Bathroom accessories can be placed on the neat shelves on the end face of the bath, on the angled supports, or behind the bath panels in the special containers.

Wall-hung washbasin

Wall-mounted sinks are installed directly by Plumbing Services Dubai against the wall, helping to save floor space in small bathrooms. They don’t have a counter or vanity. Wall-hung sinks may have exposed plumbing drains and supply lines. An optional conceal arm or wall bracket can purchase to keep these items disclose. Towel rails can also be purchase separately for use with this type of hand basin.

Wall-mounted sinks are a great space-saving tool when installing a new bathroom. Because they don’t touch the ground, they create an illusion of The wall-hung washbasin is usually equipe with either a chrome siphon underneath or a matching white ceramic semi-pedestal. The latter has become increasingly popular as it is easier to clean than a polished chrome trap while giving a sleek wall-mounted look.

Handicap washbasin

According to Residential Plumbing Repair, PRM washbasins or washbasins for people with reduced mobility are washbasins that can be adjusted to a range of heights, making them suitable for most seated and standing users. Some models include a mirror and lights that move in tandem with the sink and can therefore use by a standing and seated person.

Basin support can allow the installation of a basin adapted to the user and the environment. The support and the height of the sink can adjust manually, usually with a socket wrench. This option is generally only recommend for situations where the height only needs to adjust occasionally.

Double sink

First appearing in designer bathrooms and luxury hotels, double sinks have finally begun to appear in our homes. Large in size and usually equipped with tons of storage space, these alternatives to standard basins have become more widespread. They are now available in a range of styles to suit almost any type of bathroom.

This rise in popularity has also led to lower costs. Once reserved for the more affluent, double sink bathrooms are now more affordable. Than ever, with quality options available at reasonable prices.

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