High-Performance Fabric And Everything You Need To Know

Clothing pieces with High-Performance fabric, also known as performance fabric, are great to withstand any sort of physical activity and last for many years. Performance fabric wicks away moisture and is also resistant to spills, odors, and stains. In other words, performance fabric will not only keep your Activewear looking excellent but will also make it last longer.

Uses for High-Performance Material

Performance fabrics are a go-to for any occasion and purpose. Either it is for daily wear or work wear. It is incredibly convenient for athletic wear purposes as it is lightweight, highly breathable and moisture-wicking. This type of fabric is excellent for summer wear when you have to go out in the scorching heat. Additionally, it is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Performance fabric is the way to go if you prefer the clean, contemporary aesthetic of white athletic wear but hate having to worry about dirt and stains. Relax in your house or even in the gym, knowing the performance fabric can withstand everything you throw at it.


When you put in a serious amount of effort, unexpected things like excessive sweating are pretty self-explanatory. Sweating flushes the body of toxins, keeps it cool, and cleans the pores. Even if it is healthy for the body, we don’t want it to linger around for too long, especially if we ride our bikes to work.

Textiles with enhanced performance. The ability of so-called “smart clothing” to wick away sweat is just the beginning of the ways in which they promote cleanliness, comfort, and protection. Clothing that can also serve a purpose is experiencing a surge in popularity. These carefully blended fabrics and features juggle style, fit, and feel while tackling specific duties, including the following:

  • Blocking ultraviolet rays
  • Taking up excess moisture
  • Maintaining resistance against grime, oil, fires, wind, heat, odor, and bacteria
  • Maintaining temperature
  • Avoiding the formation of wrinkles, snags, and pilling
  • Increasing public safety by using elements such as reflective strips

Not only are performance fabrics great for athletic wear, but also for the workplace. Take a look at some of the best high-performance fabrics:

Sport-Tek Posicharge Competitor Tee

The Sport-Tek ST350LS is a long-sleeve posicharge competitor tee which offers comfort and breathability while wicking away moisture. The cherry on top — is its significance. This high-performance t-shirt, which is provided at a reasonable price, is also available in a vast array of colors and sizes. Score!

The Sport-Tek line of advertising and athletic wear has the Color Locking technology known as Posicharge. Because the color of the item (shirt, polo, etc.) is locked into the fabric using this technology, it will not bleed into a bespoke print (screen-print) over time with regular washing. This method is an essential part of the process of manufacturing bleed-resistant materials.

Port Authority SuperProTM Oxford (S658 & L658)

Stains are pretty much unavoidable, but they don’t have to be permanent. The “secret sauce” of this high-tech shirt is a type of technology that not only prevents stains but also removes them. Those working in the food service business will appreciate this wrinkle-resistant shirt’s ability to avoid stains and maintain a polished appearance throughout the workday. Plus, it’s really gentle to the touch.

Choosing the Right High-Performance Fabric

Now, more than ever, you may choose a performance fabric in the color and design of your choice. Thanks to the performance fabric treatment, your favorite designs and colors will last for years. Whether they are t-shirts, shorts or any other clothing item.

The names Sport Tek and Port Authority have made themselves in the performance fabric industry stand out among the many options available. Brand names might be an indicator of quality, but when shopping for a performance fabric, the materials matter the most.

Polyester, acrylic, nylon, and olefin are just some of the common synthetic yarns used to make performance fabrics. Before weaving, yarns are commonly treated with a high-performance solution to guarantee the fabric’s uniformity, durability, and lifetime. There are two standard methods for finishing woven performance fabrics: soaking the fabric in performance treatment and then applying a treatment coating to the surface. Here are some factors to keep in mind when you decide on the finest performance fabric for your use:


Olefin is naturally resistant to stains, dampness, mildew, and abrasion. Therefore it doesn’t require a performance solution. As a bonus, olefin can be easily disinfected, making it a fantastic choice for performance fabrics.

Similar to olefin, acrylic textiles are also weather and mildew resistant and simple to maintain. It won’t shrink or get wrinkled either. Acrylic has a poorer abrasion resistance than other materials and, without a performance coating, would start to pill after prolonged usage.

Nylon textiles are exceptionally long-lasting and frequently used in performance garments due to their resistance to mildew, mold, and shrinkage. After undergoing a performance solution, stains are no longer an issue.

Polyester is quite common in technical textiles. It is impervious to moisture, abrasions, elongation, contraction, wrinkles, and pilling. Additionally, it is extremely adaptable when woven to seem like natural fibers like linen and cotton. Luckily, if you are looking for something 100% polyester, then go for Sport-Tek ST350LS.

What You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Performance Fabric

Here’s everything you need to know about cleaning any high-performance fabric. By following these steps, you can ensure the quality and durability of such fabrics.

First, unwind. You can rely on your performance fabric. Each long-lasting fiber is coated in a performance solution, making the cloth bead up when wet so that you can swiftly blot it dry. A moist cloth can be used to remove any trace of soil that remains.

Scrub stubborn messes with a solution of mild soap and water, then blot dry. The use of a bristle brush or severe bleaching methods will damage the fibers in performance fabric. So it’s best to avoid it at all costs. The faster you act to remove the stain, the better the results will be, as is the case with any stain or filth.

An ingenious answer to the problem of regular gym wear is high-performance fabric. Due to the wide range of prices available, anyone may afford to switch to a performance fabric and save the hassle.

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