Sword Burst 5e

Sword Burst 5e

Sword Burst is a melee spell. It creates a momentary circle of spectral blades around the target. Creatures within range of the spell must make a Dexterity saving throw or take 1d6 force damage. The damage increases by 1d6 for every level you increase the ability. This attack is effective against a wide variety of foes. However, it is best used in combat against undead.

Sword burst 5e is a melee spell that deals 1d6 damage to all creatures in a five foot radius. It affects all creatures in adjacent squares. There are a maximum of eight creatures affected by the spell, so it is best used against enemies. This spell is good for a single target caster, but it is not a great choice if your character has good movement speed.

Sword burst is a close range spell that deals damage. It has a similar feel to a melee spell attack. The main difference is that the spell doesn’t deal damage to allies. It only affects enemies in the same square. The downside is that this spell is not very good against allies. In addition, it is not very useful against enemies. This means that it’s not recommended for characters who don’t want to fight.

Sword burst 5e has high potential for combat. It should be on the spell list of any character who intends to engage in battle. However, it is best used by melee-focused character types, such as a single target caster or self buff. The ability to take hits is a major factor when it comes to area-effect spells. In short, sword burst can be a good option for melee-style players.

Sword burst 5e offers a high potential for combat. While the spell is powerful, it isn’t a great choice for casters or Arcane Tricksters. As a spell, Sword Burst is a great choice for melee-style combatants. It does not damage allies, but it does damage to enemies within the radius. It is also a good option for melee characters who have fast movement.

Sword burst 5e is a powerful spell. It affects creatures within a five-foot radius and any squares that touch you. There is a maximum of eight creatures affected by sword burst, but it doesn’t affect allies. The spell is only effective against enemy melee, not allies. It can be a good choice for close-ranged characters. In addition, it increases the speed of characters.

Sword burst is a useful spell when you need to fight. As a melee spell, Sword Burst is a good choice for a melee character. It can be used as an attack spell or as a shield, depending on your class. Its potential for damage is high. Sword burst 5e is the most effective spell for fighting. It is very versatile and can be used in a number of ways.

Sword burst is a great weapon when you need to strike a large number of enemies in a short amount of time. It can be used as a primary attack. The critters will take damage from you, but a strong slash can also be a secondary weapon. If you’re a melee fighter, sword burst is an important tool to have. If your character is a rogue, it’s a great choice.

As a melee, Sword Burst is a great choice for fighters. Its range makes it an effective weapon for a melee combatant. Unlike other weapons, it can target multiple targets at once, and the damage is increased as the character gets stronger. This spell is an excellent choice for a single-target caster. When used at a party, it is even better than a spellcasting class that uses a magic item.

Sword burst 5e is a simple sword mage spell. It can be cast at any time and is useful for both assault and non-attacking sword mages. It is a very powerful spell and can be used in any situation. It has a low chance of being resisted, so it is an excellent option for warriors. This weapon is a powerful weapon in combat. It can be cast with the use of a magic item.

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