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Ten ways to create Instagram images that work

Create Instagram images that work

Small businesses are increasingly using (comprar seguidores instagram portugal) Instagram to market. It was right after Facebook and continues to grow its user base. Instagram’s monthly active users reached 700 million in April 2017. This is an increase of 600 million from December 2016, when it was 600 million. This is nearly eight times more than it was in 2013.More info

Young Audience

Make sure you know your audience before creating an Instagram content plan. The most Instagram-friendly generation is young Millennials and teens. The majority of American Instagram users are between 18-29 years old.

It’s all about visuals

The sky is the limit with your imagination. But you must understand the expectations of your clients regarding the visuals they see on their Instagram feed. Imagine you are in the insurance industry. You might be a part of an insurance company and think Instagram isn’t for you.

However, even young people need to have insurance. They can understand your visual language. You can use infographics, tips and hacks to create your content plan if you don’t have many photos of your products/services.

Anyone can create these posts. It is easy to believe that you will need to hire a designer or copywriter or spend hours creating these posts. Our pre-made content is available for 50+ industries. Type in your keyword and select a template to customize with your logo.

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Useful Instagram Posts

This tutorial draws on my experiences with successful Instagram accounts. After extensive research, I discovered a common strategy that unites all these accounts.

Diversified Posts

Instagram accounts that are successful have a diverse content plan. They don’t post identical posts every day. Mondays and Wednesdays can be used for photos of natural products, Tuesdays and Thursdays are for engaging quotes, and Fridays are for special offers. They vary it based upon when their users are online and other factors.

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They regularly post to keep their followers informed. They remind their followers and fans of the brand daily and invite them to participate.

Unique Voice

Instagram is highly competitive. It would be best if you ensure your images and text were unique. Successful profiles communicate with their followers, and they don’t just post. They also have a voice easily identifiable among the many other shapes and posts.

Personal and TOP Hashtags

Your post will look sloppy if you use too many hashtags. This means your post won’t be seen by everyone and not only by those who are genuinely interested in your brand or the message your business sends. Make your hashtags, and only post those relevant to the post.

Types of Instagram posts

These are the categories I have divided all posts you, as a small business, publish:

  • Window shopping
  • Get Behind the Scenes
  • comprar seguidores instagram portugal
  • Promotions: Discounts, Special Offers, Company News

You will soon see that you only need a little time and one tool to manage your Instagram account.

Window shopping

Instagram will focus all users’ attention on one image with your product. You only have a few seconds to get your followers to click on your caption and read the relevant information. If you want your followers to buy the products/services featured in the photo, include any product information.


They know their target audience is girls between 16 and 20 years old, so they chose feminine colours for their product photos. check now


Instead of taking a single photo of a product, they collaged the must-have items that will make you want to buy the entire collection.

Unique Hashtag

Because of Kikki. K offers many product lines, and they have created hashtags for each collection. If I am interested in planners but don’t like the one shown in the photo, I can tap #kikkiKPlannerLove to browse the entire group that the brand has available.

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Register in the BIO

Although you cannot attach links directly to posts, you can remind readers that one is in the BIO. SpritualGangster is a brand of yoga clothing that shows you don’t have to use a photo set to deliver your product.


Photographs of activewear are taken primarily outside. Who are their target customers? They are looking for young people who love yoga and an active lifestyle. They just set up their clothes in the beautiful scenery. You first see the beauty of nature and feel the freedom. Then you see the yoga pants. Imagine a perfect location for your customer: a tidy kitchen, cosy home, etc.

Remind them of their goals

Consider the goals of your customers. SpiritualGangster understands that customers want a healthy body. They want to inspire their followers to achieve it. Each of the “5 Steps to Get to Gym” begins with “Get activewear that you’ve always wanted.” Your product is the key to unlocking the puzzle they need to understand this picture fully.

Get Behind the Scenes

It is often enjoyable for consumers to see behind-the-scenes of your business’s products or services. You can show how your products or services are produced using photos. A photo collage can be used on social media to show your followers the process, giving them the feeling of getting additional insights and a bonus.

One team – One soul

Odettes wants to be more than a place to eat. They want to be a friendly place where people can talk to each other and feel like they are part of the eatery family. They post photos of their staff to foster these feelings.

Company brand

These posts can also be a significant investment in their brand as an HR professional. Who wouldn’t like to work with great men who get together after work to play tennis?

It’s how it is

You might find your followers bored with the polished photos of a perfect life they see daily on their social media feeds. Orphans Kitchen shares real pictures with their followers of how their products are made. Show them the workshop where your products are made or the brainstorming process that led to your team’s development of new services.


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