Tennis Lessons- Tennis Course & Classes & Training

Tennis Lessons- Tennis Course & Classes & Training

Tennis Academy Singapore is a very well-known sport as it is most commonly played at various organized competitions. To play tennis you require a racquet the ball and a court that has nets, as well as an opponent.

For tennis lovers, there are various courts for public and club courts available to hire in the majority of towns and suburbs. If you’re not able to find a person to play against, several tennis clubs organize social games, competitions, and tournaments which give tennis players a chance to play with other tennis players you to play against.

Tennis is a fantastic exercise, and also a lot of enjoyment. It has numerous benefits for your health, like:

  • Lowering body fat
  • Increased aerobic capacity
  • lower the resting heart rate and blood pressure
  • Enhancing the metabolic function
  • increasing bone density
  • strengthening and enhancing the tone of muscles and the flexibility
  • speeding up reaction times

Duration of the Lesson

Most adults can handle an hour lesson. If you’re not in good health or have a limited attention span, you might want to consider having a 30-minute or 45-minute class.

Mostly the tennis lessons are available in any of these forms:

Private Tennis lessons

Private tennis classes are believed to be the best method to master tennis. The name implies that these are private lessons with the student as well as an instructor. Private tennis lessons generally last around an hour, dependent on the program of the coach and the objectives of the student.

Private tennis instruction includes the coach teaching several technical drills to the student and focusing on the service because it is among the most vital elements of tennis. All drills that are technical tend to assist the player to become more proficient in gripping and footwork, swinging path, and achieving the proper balance between spin and power in their shots.

Pair Tennis Lessons

Pair tennis lessons are in the exact class as private tennis lessons in that you can take on your teammate or a friend and collaborate. Perfect for doubles players and families It opens up the possibility to use your time as efficiently as feasible.

Corporate Tennis Lessons

A lot of businesses are now creating their own tennis clubs for their employees, as well as offering tennis lessons for corporate clients. It’s a method to show concern to their staff in terms of encouraging good health and offering them an opportunity to unwind and have fun. 

The primary benefit of corporate tennis classes is that it allows employees of an organization to get the opportunity to work out. It’s great to gather for a day of tennis lessons, particularly when a major undertaking was completed.

Group Tennis Lessons

Tennis lessons for groups give players an opportunity to get together with each other while taking lessons in tennis. Instructors utilize drills where everyone in the group is always moving and engaged.

Kids Tennis Lessons

Tennis is now among the top popular sports that can be enjoyed by all families, particularly kids. Children are eager to study and enjoy various sports and tennis is among the top choices for children when it comes to choosing their favorite sport. It’s not just a typically exciting and fun sport but it’s among the healthiest available.

Famous Tennis Drills

The most crucial thing to grasp concerning tennis drills is finding drills that are effective and efficient in establishing the essential skills you’ll need efficiently that is possible.

There are basically two kinds that are tennis drills that are the first includes the court-based tennis drills and the other one would consist of on-court drills. On-court drills are generally utilized to help you improve your shots as well as control of the ball so that you’ll be able to better control the course of play. Off-court drills are designed to aid players in their movements throughout the court, which results in improved flow as well as an increase in stamina as well as strengthening the muscles.

The most famous tennis drills are:

The Frying Pan Drill

If the player is a complete beginner, just beginning to learn about tennis, it is very beneficial to begin by learning the basics, for example, hand-eye coordination. In this case, a frying pan drill would be wonderful.

For the beginning, hold the racquet with the dominant hand facing upwards, similar to a frying pan, and put a tennis ball on the face or strings of their tennis racquet. After that, gradually begin moving the racquet’s head upwards and downwards until the ball begins to bounce on the strings. If it does start bouncing make sure they keep it moving for the longest time they can.

Once comfortable with the exercise, you could begin turning the racquet 180 degrees their hands between bounces in order to improve their skills.

Strengthening Drills

The use of string and rackets is constantly evolving and more open-stance groundstrokes are becoming popular in tennis, which places additional strain on the player’s arm and wrists. Strengthening the muscles that surround the joints of your arm can aid in avoiding injuries throughout the course of your career in tennis. One easy exercise you can use to increase the strength of your arms is throwing your balls at the maximum force. You can begin throwing with tennis balls and before moving on to baseballs or footballs. At some point, you could be able to throw light medicine balls that could assist in giving your tennis game more energy.

Forehand Drill

For this drill, begin with the most basic movements. Students should be asked to hold the racquet in accordance with the rules of semi-western grip. However, you can demonstrate this technique simply by asking the student to shake their grip on the tennis racquet. That’s it.

Ask the student to stand properly. The feet shouldn’t be placed too close. They should be able to bend the knees of their legs. Then, you move to the other end which is the opposite side of the net. Request your student to stand just a few feet from the net.

The balls should be thrown in succession at your child. The direction should be in the direction of his/her hand to allow him/her to perform a forehand shot. The next step for your student is to strike the ball using the hand that is in play and then plays the basic forehand shot.

Accuracy Drill

This drill is designed to increase the accuracy of a tennis player’s serve. The player can strike any area of the box of service when they are serving the ball. The drill requires repetition. The player must aim their shot at the spot on the box for service, and then employ a ball hopper, and try to hit their ball at that location. The player should put cans on the service box, and attempt to hit them. The player should practice this on both the first serve as well as the subsequent serve.

Serve and Play volleyball. 

If the player is scared when you serve and then volley it’s an excellent serve exercise that will teach him to be quick and consistent in the actions. Keep the ball basket behind the baseline. Every serving, he must immediately move the net and try to score the ball over the returning player. Repeat this exercise on every side of the service, then switch sides to train to return to the serve and the volleyer.

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