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The Best IELTS Training Centre In Dubai With Nlptech

IELTS Training Center

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the most widely used standardized tests of English language proficiency.

Doing well in the IELTS test gives you an advantage over other applicants and puts you at the top of the list. Nlptech IELTS Training Centre in Dubai is an intensive training program designed to help you achieve the highest possible score on this test.





The right IELTS tutor can help you achieve that all-important score!

An IELTS can help you move, work or study in a country where English is your first language.

The IELTS for learning IELTS test recognized by more than 11,000 educational institutions worldwide.

Here is IELTS for learning

IELTS results are accepted for migration abroad, including.



United Kingdom

New Zealand

IELTS jobs Organizations around the world use the IELTS test to select suitable employees.

With the right IELTS training, you can achieve remarkable results.

IELTS results are accepted in many countries, including


The United Kingdom.


New Zealand and.


IELTS scores play an important role in securing visas, work, and access in developed English-speaking countries.

IELTS tuition is now available anytime, anywhere. Flexibility and convenience are the factors that set Nlptech IELTS training apart from other online and offline options.

A high IELTS score increases the chances of a successful visa and immigration application.

A high IELTS score increases the chances of a successful visa and immigration application.

IELTS is a test that assesses all four language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

There is no pass/fail option, but the higher your score, the higher your overall score.

To determine the level of CLB required in each situation, a correlation between the IELTS test and the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) must be established.

IELTS is administered by Cambridge Assessment English, IDP: IELTS Australia and the British Council.

English is the third most widely spoken language in the world, spoken by more than 375 million people.

There are many advantages to communicating successfully in English. In general, a certain level of language proficiency is a prerequisite for working abroad and integrating into society.

IELTS is the most popular standardized test for people who want to move to the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Internationally, IELTS results recognized by more than 11 000 immigration authorities, employers, universities, and schools.

The required IELTS score depends on the reason you are applying for a visa to the country. This means working abroad, studying abroad, etc.

The higher your score, the better you understand and speak English.

Nlptech online IELTS training will prepare you with the right training and study materials to achieve a good score on the exam. In addition, the Nlptech online IELTS course gives you plenty of opportunities to practice everything you learn under the guidance of a trainer.

With the right combination of experience, knowledge, proven techniques, and world-class materials, the online IELTS courses will prepare you for the exams and help you learn English at the same time.


There are two types of IELTS exams. Applicants should choose the exam that suits their immediate goals.

IELTS Academic test.

The test is suitable for students and graduates wishing to apply to universities abroad, as well as for professional registration. The test assesses whether you are ready to start studying or training in an English-speaking environment.

IELTS General Test.

This test is for professionals and immigrants who want to obtain a permanent residence permit in an English-speaking country. The aim of the test is to determine how fluent candidates are in using English in everyday situations. A good score is essential to increase your chances of settling in countries such as the UK, Canada, and Australia.

IELTS tests (PBT) are held four times a month and IELTS online tests are held several times a month. It is jointly administered by the British Council and IDP. You can apply for the IELTS test with the help of a Nlptech trainer.

1) The above package will be available to customers who opt for Nlptech services after 5 November 2022.

2) If you opt for the free services offered in the “Coaching Abroad” and “Study Abroad and Migration” packages, you will not be able to use the pre-test feature.


IELTS is an internationally recognized standardized test of English language proficiency.

Reasons to take IELTS include

For employment

Long-term course (more than 3 months) in higher education

short-term courses (less than 3 months) in higher education

immigration purposes

other educational purposes

personal reasons

professional registration (non-medical)

In case of dental registration

For registration as a physician

For nurse registration (including CGFNS)

There are two types of IELTS tests: the IELTS Academic test and the IELTS General Training test.

Which test you should take depends on your immediate IELTS objectives.

IELTS preparation can prepare you for good results.

Which IELTS score you should aim for depends on your reasons for taking IELTS.

Academic IELTS

Studying Abroad

Suitable for students who plan to study or pursue higher education in an English-speaking country. Academic IELTS accepted for registration in the world of work.

The vocabulary tested in IELTS Academic is vocabulary that expected and familiar in an academic setting.

IELTS Academic test format [total length: 2 hours 45 minutes

Listening 30 minutes

Academic Reading 60 minutes

Academic writing 60 minutes

Speaking 11-14 minutes

In IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic, the Listening and Speaking tests are identical.

However, the Writing and Reading tests are different in the two IELTS.

IELTS General Training

For work and immigration abroad

The IELTS General Training test designed for those who intend to study below degree level. The test can also use for vocational training or work experience.

IELTS General Training test results required for immigration to the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The IELTS General Training test demonstrates a person’s English language skills for the workplace and other social contexts.

Which type of skip test is right for me?

Academic IELTS: If you are moving to an English-speaking country to study, you must take the Academic IELTS. Academic IELTS used for professional registration.

IELTS General Training: used for

Application for studies below degree level.

Professional experience or vocational training.

Immigration to Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, or New Zealand.

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