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The Best NLP Practitioner Certification Training In Dubai

NLP practitioner course

  • Neuroscience and
  • To help you spend more time in the best possible way.
  • And to help change your life for the better.
  • Certified NLP Practitioner Course.
  • Experiential. Online.
  • Starts on 16 September 2022.
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  • 90 minutes Includes live streaming from July 2022.
  • Full price until the course starts on 16 September 2022.
  • 2695 GBP + VAT
  • Interest-free payment plans are also available.

The neuroscientific NLP Practitioner Certification Training will enable you to become an effective NLP practitioner, guiding and inspiring others to make real and lasting changes in their lives.

Combining the power of NLP with the rigour of neuroscience, internationally renowned teachers explain exactly what works, why it works, and how to apply it to all areas of life.

What is an NLP practitioner?

What makes this NLP Practitioner course unique?

How does it work?

What do the graduates say?

What do I learn on the NLP Practitioner course?

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What is an NLP Practitioner?

An NLP Practitioner is someone who can apply and understand the tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Through their experience, they guide people to use these tools to improve all aspects of their lives, including emotional health, creativity and productivity.

How to become a certified NLP practitioner

To become a successful NLP practitioner yourself, you need to undergo the highest quality training.

You don’t need any experience or knowledge to join a Neuro-Linguistic NLP Practitioner course. We also pride ourselves on having world-class instructors who are internationally recognized in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The Neuro Linguistic NLP Practitioner course is ICF accredited, and ICF will give credit for ICF accreditation if they choose the ICF accredited path.

What is an NLP traineeship?

NLP Practitioner Training is centered on completing a proven programme of learning from experienced experts in the field. Here you will develop the skills you need to build trusting relationships with clients and pass on the knowledge and skills that help them succeed, whilst deepening your own knowledge.

An NLP practitioner in neuroscience will guide you in developing these important skills for the benefit of you and those around you, providing you with unique insights that combine NLP with rigorous neuroscience. This additional content will provide a deeper perspective that will be valuable to both existing and new practitioners.

What makes this NLP Practitioner course unique?

Our NLP Practitioner certification course is unique because it combines knowledge from the NLP world with the amazing discoveries that neuroscience continues to reveal about the physical development of our brain and its various processes. It is powerful, engaging and practical for both experienced practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge and for those who are just starting out.

The Neuroscience NLP Practitioner course is a 12-day NLP course for NLP practitioners, consisting of six two-day modules over five months. This structure allows you to apply what you learn between modules in the real world. This approach to applied learning allows you to master the material and make significant progress throughout the course.

The course is led by Ian McDermott, a practitioner and author who first combined NLP and coaching and then NLP and neuroscience in the same way. Together with course leader Professor Patricia Riddle, Ian has been at the forefront of pioneering the use of neuroscience in NLP and has brought practical benefits to people in all fields. Over the last 30 years, Ian has trained thousands of NLP practitioners.

The power of NLP. The rigor of neuroscience.

Here is how it works.

We’ve been able to establish what we believe is the best form of NLP training because of two factors. The first is our extensive experience coaching NLP practitioners. The second is our success in combining the latest research in brain science with the best ways of learning about the brain.

The Neuroscience for NLP Practitioners course consists of six two-day modules over five months, allowing you to gain in-depth knowledge in a short space of time, with plenty of time for digestion and integration.

Experiential learning is at the heart of this course. The training modules also include a variety of learning exercises.

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