Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy gives special address at WEF 2022

  • Ukrainian leader calls for ‘maximum’ sanctions against Russia

DAVOS, Switzerland: Ukrainian President Zelensky called for ‘maximum’ sanctions against Russia in a speech at the World Economic Forum (WEF 2022) in Davos via a video call.

He also said that businesses needed to ‘completely withdraw’ from Russia, and that there should be no trade with the country in order for the world to set a precedent.

His speech came as the UNHCR announced Monday that 6.5 million people have so far fled the war-torn country.

He called for the ‘maximum’ sanctions to be implemented, as the current ones had not yet reached that level.

And he said an oil embargo was also necessary.

If aggressors lose everything, countries would lose motivation to start wars, said the Ukrainian president.

He also highlighted during his virtual address that the war wouldn’t have happened if preventative sanctions had been applied to Russia.

Zelensky explained that the international community should not use sanctions to respond to conflicts, but to prevent them from happening.

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