What Dose Of Cbd Oil Do I Give My Dog

What Dose Of Cbd Oil Do I Give My Dog

The common question pet owners ask is “How much CBD do I need to give my dog?”

CBD dosage for pets may appear difficult at first glance. However, once you are familiar with the basics of measurement and basic math, you can easily calculate the ideal dosage for your pet. Dogs, cats, and other pets all have an endocannabinoid system — much like humans. This can have similar results in our four-legged friends. It can boost their health organically and safely.

Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Giving CBD To Your Dog

For pet owners who are new to CBD, it can be hard to figure out the best CBD oil dosage. These are the three most important things to consider before purchasing CBD oil for your dog.

1- Consumption Method

CBD is available in many forms. However, the choices for dogs and other pets are more limited than for humans.

CBD for dogs comes in 3 forms:

CBD oil is the best option for dogs, as it has high bioavailability combined with long-lasting effects.

Some dogs may not like full-spectrum CBD oils’ earthy flavor. CBD pet treats might be an option for fussy dogs. CBD edibles taste better than oil, and each serving contains a fixed CBD amount. This makes them more convenient than CBD oil.

CBD edibles take longer for the effects to kick in. Usually, they are ready within 30 to 90 minutes. The CBD must be metabolized within your dog’s intestinal system. This will result in a lower overall CBD intake.

CBD creams can be applied topically to treat localized discomforts in dogs that are suffering from various types of pain. This product is easy to administer because it can be applied as needed. Topicals also have a fast action because they don’t absorb into the bloodstream. Instead, the CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors deeper in your dog’s skin.

2- The Severity Of Your Dog’s Situation

Be aware that your dog’s condition may affect how much CBD you should give. The greater the severity of the condition, you will need to give them more CBD oil to help. CBD oil can be used to supplement dogs in low doses. For anxiety or joint pain, however, it is best to increase the dosage.

3- Important To Keep In Mind The Activity Level Of Your Dog

This is an important factor to remember because your dog’s activity level can affect the speed at which CBD is metabolized. For any questions regarding drug metabolism, please consult your veterinarian. This will help to prevent potential interactions between CBD or any other medication your dog might be taking.

4- What Is The Size Of Your Dog?

It is not surprising that CBD dosages for different dogs will differ depending on their size. But how can I figure out the right dose? Let me explain. For CBD to be effective, dogs larger than puppies will require more CBD. Some brands offer their own dosage tables that can be adjusted based on the weight of your dog. This makes it easy to determine the right dose.

What Is The Recommendation For General CBD Dosage For Dog?

Although no one can give you a precise amount of CBD oil for your dog, there are some tips that I would love to share to help make your CBD routine easier. Based on the dog’s weight, you can start off with 2-5 mg CBD daily and increase it for up to a week. If you are not seeing any improvement in symptoms, increase the dose by 2-5mg every other week. Keep doing this until you find the right dose for your dog. Reputable companies will include dosage instructions at the back of each bottle. They can be used to guide your trial and error. You should always start with the lowest dosage and gradually increase the amount as you learn more about how CBD oil affects your dog.

How Can You Figure Out How Much CBD Dove You Should Give To Your Dog?

Some people prefer to start with a little dose, no matter how big their dog is. It is recommended that you start with 1 mg. This allows for the gradual increase in CBD oil dosage, without the need to waste too much. Even large dogs can only be 1/3 the size of average humans. Therefore, this figure makes sense when we consider that the jumping-off point in humans is about 1-3m. Let’s first discuss the recommended CBD dosage for your dog. This is based on your relative weight.

1- The BestQuantity of Dose For Extra Small Dog (2-15 lbs)

Extra small dogs will need to be given the lowest amount of CBD. The tiny dogs’ metabolism is extremely fast, so CBD will be broken down faster and made less available to the body. It’s possible to increase CBD administration frequency to 3-4 daily doses. CBD may be a good first dose for dogs who have never had CBD before. It is recommended that you take 1/2 mg of oil to treat anxiety. If you don’t notice any improvement, add some more oil. Start by giving CBD oil to your dog two times daily. You can increase the dosage by giving your dog 2-mg increments of CBD oil until you find relief. Extra small dogs should not consume more than 15 mg CBD per day.

2- Quantity Of CBD For Small Dog (15-30 lbs) 

After doing extensive research on CBD dosages for more than extra small dogs, it is discovered that most people have success with CBD doses of 2 mg. They then increase the dose by 3 mg until they see results. These data are for dogs with arthritis and pain. Half the CBD dose is sufficient for psychological conditions, such as poor appetite. This should be sufficient for most dogs of medium size. Dog owners who wish to help their dogs with anxiety should not increase dosages to more than 2 mg. However, they should not exceed 2 daily doses. A dog this size can consume about 20mg of CBD per day.

3- Quantity Of CBD Dosage For Medium Dogs (30-60 lbs)

Larger dogs may require more CBD to get the desired effects. How much CBD oil should a medium dog receive first? It is believed that 3 mg CBD can be a good starting dose depending on your dog’s severity. It is recommended that your dog receive 3 mg of CBD two times per day for behavioral conditions such as anxiety, ADHD, and poor appetite. Watch your dog closely to see if CBD effects are starting to take hold. If you don’t feel any difference, increase the dose to 3 mg. But, try not to exceed 30 mg daily.

4- Quantity Of CBD Dosage For Large Dogs (60-150 lbs)

The same guidelines are recommended for large dogs as for medium dogs. A higher dose is recommended for large dogs. CBD is a different substance for every dog. Therefore, it is important to start with the lowest dose possible and increase gradually by 3-5mg per dose until your dog feels relief.

What Is The Best Method To Calculate The CBD Dose For Dog At Home?

This is where you might wonder if there’s a way to calculate how much CBD oil to give your dog. It is a simple process that only requires basic math.

Here are the basics:

0.25 mg per lb of your dog’s weight = Basic Beginning Dose

Dosage calculation for dogs weighing 10 pounds or more:

0.25 mg x 10 pounds = 2.5 mg CBD

You can calculate the CBD content in a single dose, usually, 1 mL, to determine which CBD dosage is most effective for your pet.

Here’s how much Royal CBD oil we recommend for different breeds of dogs:

  • 250m = 8.3 mg / mL
  • 500m =16 mg /mL
  • 1000m =33 mg /mL

Let’s suppose you are using the 250mg bottle. Here’s how the calculation would look:

2.5 mg / 10mg/mL = 0.25ml of a 250mg CBD oil.

This dosage will work for approximately 4 months if your dog is satisfied with it.

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