Which Are The Major Strength Of Direct Mail Advertising

Which Are The Major Strength Of Direct Mail Advertising?

Direct mail is an advertising medium that sends messages to customers via the mail. Many times, the terms “direct mail” or “mail-order”, are interchangeable. It is important to understand that orange county direct mail is not a media medium like print and broadcast media. This is the best way to differentiate these terms. Broadcast media messages, which are delivered via radio or television, are delivered by broadcast media messages. Print media messages are usually delivered in printed media, such as newspapers and magazines. Direct mail is used to deliver advertising and other messages. Direct marketing can have pros and cons. Consider these carefully before starting a campaign.

5 Strengths Of Direct Mail

Skeptics may say that direct mail is dead. But, we can assure you that it is not. Direct mail is a powerful tool that accounts for more than 52% of national marketing budgets. Direct mail is less expensive than broadcast advertising, such as TV or billboards, and it also costs less than digital marketing like Facebook or Google Ads. While digital marketing is becoming more popular, so are its costs. There are the major strength of direct mail advertising:

  • Retention Of Brands

Direct Mail is one marketing channel that engages all senses. You can touch it and feel it. Direct mail is 5x more likely than digital channels to be remembered.

Research strongly suggests that direct mail is more trusted by consumers than digital ads.

  • Personalization Is Possible Via Direct Mail

Mailing lists are the first step to targeting. A mailing list can be used to reach almost any audience that a marketer wants. A company can purchase a mailing list to market a shopping cart. A mailing list is available for garden centers that want to inform vegetable gardeners about new seeds for the summer season.

Variable data printing (VDP) is making direct mail more personal. VDP allows marketers to personalize mailed pieces in many ways. This includes adding the recipient’s name to the greeting or changing the image on the piece. A map could be created by a restaurant that has multiple locations within a city. It would then pinpoint the location of each restaurant based on the address. These are the things that your customers will love.

Variable data printing can be a profitable investment. Research has shown personalized marketing messages can generate 31% more revenue than generic messages.

  • Pairs Well With Digital Marketing

Online advertising may have a lower response rate than traditional advertising, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your time. Customers still want to leave reviews online, follow you on Twitter or join a loyalty program.

Direct mail marketing offers the unique opportunity to have both online and offline reach. It is possible to reach customers in person while giving them the opportunity to contact you online. You can also include QR codes, social media links and exclusive offers online.

Online and direct mail strategies can be combined with the many tracking tools that are available for direct mail marketing. To create a multichannel marketing strategy, you can use different marketing tools for each stage.

You can send your customers a menu in a printed mailer. Then, follow up with display advertising via Google Ads and Facebook. You can reach customers both online and offline at different points in the buyer’s journey by using a variety of formats.

  • Targeting To Audiences: 

You can target specific customers or potential customers by sending messages based on their buying habits and demographics. Your campaigns will be more successful if they are more targeted.


Customers still trust direct mail more than online advertisements. Online scams are a red flag to customers. Customers are more inclined to trust businesses with physical addresses.

Direct mail can help you build trust and credibility by establishing a relationship with potential customers. Consistent colors and logos are easy to recognize in ads and at your local storefront.

A prospect who has had a positive experience with your brand is more likely to respond positively to future offers. Follow up with birthday rewards or other personalized discounts once they become a customer. Refer friends to your website and encourage word-of mouth advertising.

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